The ‘Special Security Initiative of the Policy Action Group’ report was compiled by the U.S., NATO and Afghan intelligence in June 2006. “The report described Pakistan’s role in the most unflattering light of any intelligence report so far: ‘ISI [Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence] operatives reportedly pay a significant number of Taliban living/operating in both Pakistan and Afghanistan to fight. …A large number of those fighting are doing so under duress as a result of pressure from ISI. The insurgency cannot survive without its sanctuary in Pakistan, which provides freedom of movement, safe havens, logistic and training facilities, a base for recruitment, communications for command and control, and a secure environment for collaboration with foreign extremist groups. The sanctuary of Pakistan provides a seemingly endless supply of potential new recruits for the insurgency.’ “ [The 15th of the month used for date sorting purposes only.]

 – Ahmed Rashid, Descent Into Chaos, Page 368