“In June 1991 a [UN weapons inspections] team led by David Kay, the chief inspector, which was surveying Iraq’s declared nuclear facilities, visited the Abu Ghraib military camp west of Baghdad [Iraq]. Although the Iraqis had admitted that part of the camp was used for nuclear research, another part of the camp had been commandeered by [Saddam’s son] Qusay to conceal key equipment from Iraq’s nuclear research program. In the course of inspecting the camp Kay discovered Iraqi soldiers attempting to move a number of huge electromagnetic isotope separators, known as Calutrons, which were being transported on heavy tractor trailers. When Kay tried to intervene, the Iraqi soldiers reacted by firing shots over his head. The Iraqis then drove the Calutrons away to another location in full view of the inspectors, who filmed the entire proceedings.” [The 15th of the month used for date sorting purposes only.]

 – Con Coughlin, Saddam: His Rise and Fall, Pages 284-285