On May 3, 2011, al Qaeda’s General Command released a statement on bin Laden’s death. It read: ” ‘…we in al-Qaeda vow to God the Exalted and seek His support to help us go forward on the path of jihad that was trekked by our leaders, headed by Sheikh Osama. We will not relent or hesitate; we will not stray or quit until God judges between us and our enemies by the truth, He indeed is the fairest of judges. We stress that Sheikh Osama’s blood, God bless his soul, is more precious to us and to every Muslim to go in vain. It will, God willing, remain a curse that will chase and haunt the Americans and their agents inside and outside the country. Very soon, God willing, their joy will turn into mourning and their blood will be mixed with their tears. We will fulfil Sheikh Osama’s oath, God bless his soul: *America and anyone who lives in America will not enjoy peace until our people in Palestine enjoy it.* ‘ ”

 – “Excerpts from ‘al-Qaeda’ Statement on Bin Laden’s Death,” BBC News, May 6, 2011