Bin Laden held a press conference on May 26, 1998, in which he shared the fatwa of militant Islamist Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman. Excerpts include: ” ‘Cut off all relations with [the Americans, Christians, and Jews], tear them to pieces, destroy their economies, burn their corporations, destroy their peace, sink their ships, shoot down their planes and kill them on air, sea, and land. And kill them wherever you may find them, ambush them, take them hostage, and destroy their observatories. Kill these Infidels. Until they witness your harshness. Fight them, and God will torture them through your hands, and he will disgrace them and make you victorious over them, and the nation of the believers is on the verge of creation, and the rage will go from them.’ ”

 – Peter Bergen, The Osama bin Laden I Know, Pages 204-205