Senator John McCain (R-AZ) claimed that enhanced interrogation techniques did not lead to the tracking of Osama bin Laden. “In a statement, [former Attorney General Michael] Mukasey said McCain ‘is simply incorrect,’ on the bid Laden leads and interrogation. Mukasey said [9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh] Mohammed disclosed the nickname of the courier [of bin Laden] ‘along with a wealth of other information, some of which was used to stop terror plots then in progress.’ He said another detainee, captured in Iraq, disclosed that the courier was a trusted operative of Mohammed’s successor [Abu Faraj al-Libi]. Mukasey…said former intelligence officials have said that up to 2006 valuable leads came from prisoners who were subjected to harsh techniques, including waterboarding. ‘Harsh interrogation techniques were both effective and lawful,’ Mukasey said.”

 – Donna Cassata, “McCain Says Torture did not Lead to bin Laden,” Associated Press, May 12, 2011