1,511. 4/15/1999

” ‘If he [bin Laden] had the wherewithal to kill Americans,’…[former U.S. State Department official Larry C. Johnson] told Frontline in April 1999, ‘and attack U.S. targets he would do so, but he doesn’t. He is not in the position; he’s not an army. He doesn’t have an arsenal of nuclear weapons; he doesn’t have an arsenal of chemical/biological weapons. He doesn’t have military forces in place ready to launch, because he’d then also need transportation to move them from point A to point B and once they get to point B, then he’s got to figure out how to get them back to point A. …He’s serious about wanting to kill Americans, but as long as he’s in Afghanistan, as long as he doesn’t have access to a cell phone…his ability to plan and conduct terrorist operations is extremely limited.’ ” [The 15th of the month used for date sorting purposes only.]

 – Michael Scheuer, Through Our Enemies’ Eyes, Page 22

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