Director of the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control Gary Milhollin wrote, on March 8, 1992: “In the five years before the [first] Persian Gulf war, for example, the Commerce Department licensed more than $1.5 billion of strategically sensitive American exports to Iraq. Many were for direct delivery to nuclear weapon, chemical weapon and missile sites. Companies like Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, International Computer Systems, Rockwell and Tektronix sold high-performance electronics either to Saad 16, Iraq’s major missile research center; to the Ministry of Industry and Military Industrialization, which set up Al Atheer [an Iraqi Special Weapons Facility]; to the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission, responsible for atomic-bomb research; or to Nasr State Enterprise, in charge of Iraq’s missile and nuclear procurement. Honeywell even did a feasibility study for a powerful gasoline bomb warhead, intended for an Iraqi-Egyptian missile.”

 – Gary Milhollin, “Building Saddam Hussein’s Bomb,” The New York Times Magazine, March 8, 1992