World Trade Center bombing conspirator Abdul Rahman “Yasin, an Iraqi who was born in Bloomington, Indiana… traveled from Baghdad to New Jersey in early September [1992], approximately six months before the bombing, and moved into a modest apartment in Jersey City [New Jersey] with his brother Musab Yasin and his mother. …Yasin would later admit to mixing the chemicals for the bomb. In the process, he burned his leg, leaving a permanent scar. According to documents from the subsequent trial of several bombers, when the FBI searched Yasin’s apartment days after the attack, they found residue from explosives on a scale and, in the trash, the pants he was wearing when he spilled the chemicals. The FBI questioned Yasin twice. He disclaimed any significant role in the bombing and appeared cooperative, providing many details of the plot. So they let him go. In fact, FBI agents even drove him home after the interviews. On March 5, 1993, Yasin boarded a flight to Jordan. Upon arrival, he made his way to the Iraqi embassy in Amman and…obtained Iraqi passport MO887925 under the name of Abdul Rahman S. Taher. He promptly returned to Baghdad. Within days, the FBI realized the magnitude of its mistake, but was powerless to correct it with Yasin safely in Iraq.”

 – Stephen F. Hayes, The Connection, Pages 50-51