In the trial for alleged terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui on March 28, 2006, “testimony was read from Mustafa al-Hawsawi, the alleged Sept. 11 paymaster. He insisted that [Mohammad al-] Qahtani, warts and all, was definitely [hijacker] No. 20. Hawsawi said he purchased a one-way plane ticket for Qahtani to fly from London to Florida, all along assuming Qahtani was well-suited for the task at hand because he had extensive terrorist training in Afghanistan. He added that [Mohammed] Atta, the hijacking team leader who flew the first plane into the World Trade Center, told him that he ‘needed al-Qahtani to *complete the group* and that al-Qahtani’s job was to control the passengers.’ ”

 – Richard A. Serrano, “In Court, Two 20th Hijackers Stand Up,” The Los Angeles Times, April 3, 2006