“The next chance to target [al-Qaida deputy Ayman] al-Zawahri came in mid-March 2004, former officials said. A detainee in U.S. custody passed along information about a possible al-Qaida hideout in the mountainous northwest Pakistani region of South Waziristan, where government troops, helicopters and planes were mounting a military offensive against militants. The CIA passed the intelligence to the Pakistan military, which bombed the village of Azam Warzak near the Afghan border. …Taliban operatives and Pakistani civilians told AP recently that al-Zawahri was injured in the attack. The al-Qaida leader then spent three days in the town of Mir Ali in north Waziristan before heading north to Bajaur, said the militants and locals, all who insisted on anonymity for safety reasons.” [The 15th of the month used for date sorting purposes only.]

 – Adam Goldman and Kathy Gannon, “U.S. Nearly Killed Al-Zawahiri, Officials Say,” Associated Press, Nov. 29, 2010