“In the hours before the [World Trade Center] attack on February 26, 1993, the perpetrators, members of a radical Islamic sect, sent a letter to New York media outlets outlining three demands: an end to U.S. aid to Israel, an end to U.S. diplomatic relations with Israel, and a pledge by the United States to end interference ‘with any of the Middle East countries’ interior affairs.’ The letter went on to admit that the World Trade Center bombing was an act of terrorism, but that this was justified because ‘the terrorism that Israel practices (which America supports) must be faced with a similar one.’ “ After the unsuccessful bombing, “one of the plotters [Ramzi Yousef], clearly disappointed with the results, sent another letter. ‘We promise you that next time it will be very precise and the World Trade Center will continue to be one [of] our targets unless our demands have been met.’ ”

 – Tom Ridge with Lary Bloom, The Test of Our Times, Pages 122-123