On February 22, 1998, bin Laden announced the formation of the World Islamic Front. In it, he said: ” ‘Since about seven years ago, America has been occupying the most sacred lands of Islam: the Arabian Peninsula. It has been stealing its resources, dictating to its leaders, humiliating its people, and frightening its neighbors. The most evident proof is when the Americans went too far in their aggression against the people of Iraq. All those crimes and calamities are an explicit declaration by the Americans of war on Allah, His Prophet, and Muslims. Based upon this and in order to obey the Almighty, we hereby give all Muslims the following judgment: The judgment to kill and fight Americans and their allies, whether civilians or military, is an obligation for every Muslim who is able to do so in any country. In the name of Allah, we call upon every Muslim, who believes in Allah and asks for forgiveness, to abide by Allah’s order by killing Americans and stealing their money anywhere, anytime, and whenever possible. We also call upon Muslim scholars, their faithful leaders, young believers, and soldiers to launch a raid on the American soldiers of Satan and their allies of the Devil.’ ”

 – Peter Bergen, Holy War, Inc., Pages 98-99