At the Day of Terror trial in February 1995, “The Feds accuse Sheikh [Omar Abdel] Rahman of leading a ‘jihad army’ dating back to the first firing range sessions at Calverton, L.I. [Long Island], in 1989. Included in the ongoing plot are the slaying of Rabbi Kahane by [El Sayyid] Nosair…and the WTC bombing. Siddig Ali admits to being the operational leader who chose the UN and the Lincoln and Holland tunnels as targets. He admits that he and Clement Rodney Hampton-El attended training sessions in Pennsylvania where [World Trade Center bomber Ramzi] Yousef’s bomb was tested with the help of Mohammed Abouhalima. This demonstrates further that the FBI could have stopped Yousef if they had followed Mohammed’s brother Mahmud, ‘the Red,’ who was working directly with Yousef as he built the WTC [bombing] device.” [The 15th of the month used for date sorting purposes only.]

 – Peter Lance, Triple Cross, (Timeline) Page 16