In Manila, Philippines, on January 6, 1995, Ramzi Yousef and Abdul Hakim “Murad accidentally started a small chemical fire in their apartment while mixing the ingredients for a bomb. They managed to extinguish the fire and escape before police and firefighters were called in, but they left behind a trove of incriminating evidence. After the firefighters departed, Yousef persuaded Murad to go back to the apartment to retrieve the incriminating laptop. But the police–on high alert with the Pope about to visit–had also come back and were searching the apartment when Murad returned. After arresting Murad, the police found pipe bombs, bomb-making manuals and chemicals, a photo of John Paul II, a priest’s robes, a map of the Pope’s route through the city, the aborted plans for a phosgene attack on Clinton and, of course, Yousef’s computer.”

 – John Miller, Michael Stone, and Chris Mitchell, The Cell, Page 124