1,867. 1/30/2001

“U.S. and UAE [United Arab Emirates] officials say [9/11 hijacker Ziad] Jarrah was stopped at the airport in Dubai on January 30, 2001, after the CIA notified UAE officials that he would be arriving from Pakistan on his way back to Europe. UAE sources say the CIA wanted to know where he had been in Afghanistan and how long he had been there. A senior UAE source said U.S. officials were informed of the results of the interrogation while Jarrah was still at the airport. Both U.S. and UAE officials acknowledge the relationship between the two country’s intelligence services is extremely close. But the CIA says that the first time it learned that Jarrah had been stopped was in a cable from CIA officers in the UAE after September 11 [2001].”

 – Sheila MacVicar and Caroline Faraj, “September 11 Hijacker Questioned in January 2001,” CNN, Aug. 1, 2002

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