The CIA’s former chief weapons inspector “Dr. [David] Kay said the fundamental errors in prewar intelligence assessments [in Iraq] were so grave that he would recommend that the Central Intelligence Agency and other organizations overhaul their intelligence collection and analytical efforts. Dr. Kay said analysts had come to him, ‘almost in tears, saying they felt so badly that we weren’t finding what they had thought we were going to find–I have had analysts apologizing for reaching the conclusions that they did.’ In response to Dr. Kay’s comments, an intelligence official said Sunday [January 25, 2004] that while some prewar assessments may have been wrong, ‘it is premature to say that the intelligence community’s judgments were completely wrong or largely wrong–there are still a lot of answers we need.’ ”

 – James Risen, “Ex-Inspector Says C.I.A. Missed Disarray in Iraqi Arms Program,” The New York Times, Jan. 26, 2004