1,786. 12/15/2000

“The [National Intelligence] estimate [produced in December 2000] concluded that Iraq had stockpiled up to 100 tons of mustard gas and Sarin nerve agents, had stepped up its efforts to buy industrial equipment for military purposes, and had expanded its civilian chemical industry to support a clandestine weapons program. Regarding germ warfare, the report asserted that Iraq had the potential to produce as much as several hundred tons of unconcentrated biological agents per year. Relying on [Iraqi defector of questionable legitimacy, codenamed] Curve Ball’s allegation, the estimate said there was intelligence that Iraq might have mobile germ warfare factories. Although this had not been corroborated, the National Intelligence Estimate declared that it was consistent with evidence gathered by U.N. monitors. As for nuclear weapons, the intelligence agencies reported that Saddam had the scientists he needed to resume his quest for a nuclear bomb, but Iraq did not appear to have reconstituted its nuclear weapons program.” [The 15th of the month used for date sorting purposes only.]

 – Michael R. Gordon and Bernard E. Trainor, Cobra II, Page 144

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