“Asked by The Times [of London] if he [former President George W. Bush] personally authorised the use of waterboarding–effectively drowning the suspect by pouring water on his face–against the al-Qaeda suspect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Mr. Bush said: ‘Damn right!’ Geoffrey Robertson, QC [Queen’s Counsel], a human rights expert and founder of the Doughty Street Chambers, said that this was the first time the former President had admitted that he had ordered torture. He warned that it could lay Mr. Bush open to arrest and possible prosecution if he visited countries that had ratified the UN torture convention–including most of Europe. ‘George W. Bush has confessed to ordering waterboarding, which in the view of almost all experts clearly passes the severe pain threshold in the definition of torture in international law,’ Mr. Robertson told The Times.”

 – Ben Macintyre, “Bush: Waterboarding Saved London from Attacks,” The Times of London, Nov. 9, 2010