Regarding former President George W. Bush's upcoming memoirs: "[I]f there were any lingering doubts or conflict about the use of waterboarding, Bush discloses that he received reassurance from an unlikely source: terror suspect Abu Zubaydah. The former president writes, 'His understanding of Islam was that he had to resist interrogation only up to a certain point. Waterboarding was the technique that allowed him to reach that threshold, fulfill his religious duty, and then cooperate.' Bush elaborates that Zubaydah gave him a direct instruction, ' *You must do this for all the brothers.* ' Intelligence gleaned from interrogations of Abu Zubaydah and other suspects led to the capture of [9/11 mastermind] Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Bush writes. During a raid on Mohammed's compound, agents discovered more plans for terrorist attacks on U.S. soil."

 – Adam Aigner-Treworgy, John Helton, Ed Hornick, Gabriella Schwarz, and Rebecca Sherman, “Bush on Waterboarding: ‘Damn Right,'” CNN, Nov. 5, 2010,