“Two months after [al Qaeda double agent] Ali Mohamed’s arrest, on November 4, 1998, the Feds charged Osama bin Laden, [al Qaeda military commander] Mohammed Atef, and eleven others with the [August 7, 1998 East African] embassy bombings. The 238-count indictment cited the terrorist leader and his al Qaeda associates for ‘plotting and carrying out the most heinous acts of international terrorism and murder. …Bin Laden, Atef, and seven others were charged in absentia, along with the four bombing conspirators the Feds had in custody: Wadih El-Hage, Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, Mohamed Sadeek Odeh, and Mohamed Rashed Daoud Al-‘Owali.” On May 19, 1999, Ali Mohamed’s name was added to the indictment.

 – Peter Lance, Triple Cross, Page 317