Former Iraqi Army Captain Sabah Khodada worked at the Salman Pak military facility outside of Baghdad. He spoke with PBS’s Frontline and The New York Times on October 14, 2001. In describing the training at the camp, he said: ” ‘…the purpose of establishing Saddam’s fighters is to attack American targets and American interests. This is known. There’s no doubt about it. All this training is directed toward attacking American targets and American interests.’ Khodada said that Saddam reiterated those statements in a meeting with some of his soldiers on January 1, 1996. ‘We all met with Saddam personally,’ Khodada recalled. ‘And he told us we have to take revenge from America. Our duty is to attack and hit American targets in the Gulf, in the Arab world, and all over the world. He said that openly. When you volunteer to become Saddam’s fighter…they will tell you the purpose of your volunteer[ing] is to attack American targets and American interests, not only in Iraq, not only in the Gulf, [but] all over the world, including Europe and America. That’s how Saddam was able to attract those Arabs and Muslims who came to train, because that’s exactly what they want to do.’ ”

 – Stephen F. Hayes, The Connection, Pages 88-89