“A judge in Manhattan sentenced Faisal Shahzad to life in prison for the botched [May 1, 2010] Times Square car bombing as the 31-year-old Pakistani-American defiantly warned in court to ‘brace yourself, the war with Muslims has just begun.’ ‘The defeat of the U.S. is imminent, inshallah,’ Shahzad said on Tuesday [October 5, 2010] during the sentencing. Speaking in a 14th-floor courtroom where a clear view of the World Trade Center site can be seen through a window, Shahzad said Muslims have been defending their people and their lands. If that makes us terrorists, ‘then we will terrorize you,’ he said, imploring people who embrace Islam.”

 – Deborah Feyerick, “Times Square Bomb Plotter Sentenced to Life in Prison,” CNN, Oct. 5, 2010