On October 1, 1995, what had been “characterized by the New York Times as ‘the biggest terrorism trial in U.S. history’…ended with guilty verdicts for Sheikh [Omar Abdel] Rahman and the nine remaining codefendants…Hailed as a ‘sweeping victory’ for the Feds, the verdict was also a vindication for [FBI informant] Emad Salem and the FBI street agent who had first recruited him, Nancy Floyd. At that point, almost no one outside the confines of 26 Federal Plaza or the SDNY [Southern District of New York] knew the real truth: that Salem had first infiltrated the Sheikh’s cell in the fall of 1991, and that ASAC [Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s New York Office] Carson Dunbar had caused his withdrawal, leading Rahman to bring in a professional bomber named Ramzi Yousef.”

 – Peter Lance, Triple Cross, Page 209